Lithium ion battery modules

About the Modules

These module use our advanced lithium polymer cells designed for high energy applications such as electric vehicles and stationary energy storage. The 40Ah, large format cells used in these modules were designed specifically for these types of applications.

Modules can be used together to meet your application.The module can be equipped with a BMS and use either liquid or air cooling.

Example of a typical application is to use 6 of the modules along with a master/slave BMS to create a 25kWh battery pack for use in EV and electric bus applications. Handles on the module are for convenience and can be removed for final application.


  • Passenger electric vehicles (EV)
  • Electric bus and commercial vehicles
  • Stationary Energy Storage Systems (ESS)


  • Uses our 40Ah lithium polymer cells (NCM)
  • Configuration: 16s2p
  • Voltage: 57V
  • Capacity: 4.74kWh