Lico History

LICO Technology Corporation is a professional li-ion battery manufacturer for portable devices, electric vehicles (EV) and stationary energy storage systems (ESS). The company has R&D facilities in Japan, Taiwan and China with pack and cell manufacturing facilities in China and Taiwan.

Established in July of 2000 by Dr. Hua-Shu Chang, the company used their R&D skills in lithium ion materials to make a breakthrough in the development of high quality LCO cathode materials for batteries.

Responding to new battery applications, and customer cost reduction requirements, LICO’s R&D team cooperated with ITRI and manufacturers to develop LiMn2O4, LiNixCoyMnzO2, Graphite, and Hydrophilic binders to replace traditional PVDF and went into mass production in with these new materials in 2005.

Later in 2005 responding to increasing demand for lithium ion batteries for potable devices and light electric vehicles (LEV), Lico established their Battery Pack Business division in China and opened plants in Shenzhen and Northern China. Then in 2007 Lico started manufacturing lithium polymer cells at a new Northern China plant.

By 2010 Lico had expanded their research efforts in Taiwan and Japan to develop new large format advanced lithium ion batteries for use in electric vehicles and stationary energy storage. Lico also added new overseas office to meet customer demands in Japan, America and Europe.

LICO Technology - Lithium ion battery factory