Lithium ion batteries are changing the way we live. From enabling mobile devices with the power of previous desktop computers to cleaning up our environment by eliminating the need for fossil fuel for our vehicles. Lithium ion batteries are further allowing us to store energy from clean power generators such as wind turbans and solar panels.


Lithium ion batteries for portable electronics such as smart phones, tablets, etc. / LICO Technology

Mobile Electronics

Battery packs for portable electronic devices

Lithium ion batteries for light electric vehicles (LEV), ebikes, electric scooters, etc. / LICO Technology

Electric Bike Batteries

Custom batteries for electric bicycles

Lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles (EV) / LICO Technology

EV - Electric Vehicles

Batteries and modules for electric vehicles

Energy Storage System (ESS) using lithium ion batteries / LICO Technologies

ESS - Energy Storage Systems

Stationary lithium ion Energy Storage Systems for home, business or industrial applications


Lithium Polymer cell

Lithium Polymer Cells

High energy density, thin lithium polymer cells

Lico Technology Li-ion battery module

Battery Modules

Stack of cells to create module building blocks

e-bike battery

Battery Packs

Single and multiple cell packs can me custome made

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